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Suzuki New Engine Models

As a motor company – not a boat company – we’ve been “building up” to this for years. Frankly, the other guys never had a chance. No other outboard company could draw on Suzuki’s technology and experience designing high-output, lightweight 4-stroke engines for the worldwide marine, automobile, motorcycle and ATV markets. This experience was backed by a commitment to 4-stroke technology that never wavered. While other companies experimented with alternative 2-stroke technologies to meet clean air standards, Suzuki stuck with what it does best. And without looking back, we’ve been giving you our best – reliable, powerful 4-strokes that are a perfect fit for today’s boats.


2021 Suzuki DF350A
2021 Suzuki DF300AP
2021 Suzuki DF300B
2021 Suzuki DF250
2021 Suzuki DF250AP
2021 Suzuki DF250SS
2021 Suzuki DF225
2021 Suzuki DF200A
2021 Suzuki DF200SS
2021 Suzuki DF175A
2021 Suzuki DF150A
2021 Suzuki DF150SS