Dock space, boat storage, launch, maintenance, repairs, rentals

Our services define our business

Check out what we have to offer below. You can get in touch with us by requesting a quote for our various services.

Dock Space

April 30th through October 31st.

  • Pricing: Dock Space (per linear foot) Minimum $1400/20ft
  • Price: $70.00 x Length of your boat*

Boat Storage

October 31st through April 30th.

  • Pricing: Winter Outdoor Storage (per foot)
  • Price: $35.00 x Length of your boat*

Boat maintenance & repair

Boating should be fun. Leave the rest to us.

We are a stocking authorized Mercury Marine service facility and have the diagnostic tools and experience to find and fix whatever ails your boat or motor, regardless of brand.

Winter repair rates at 30% or more off Spring & Summer rates. Call or email for an estimate today.

Shrink Wrap

Set structural foundation with lumber and strapping, set desiccant for moisture control and mothballs to deter pests, cover the vessel in film and shrink film to fit boat.

  • Pricing: Shrink Wrap (per foot)
  • Price: $17.50

EZ Dock Innovations

Aside from their beauty, EZ docks are environmentally friendly. Not only are they sturdy and stable, the EZ Dock Docking system can be assembled to fit your waterfront, create a floating deck, safely enclose a swimming area or, as originally intended, to protect your vessel.


At Sportsmans Marina you can rent stand up paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, row boats, and pontoon boats..

  • Pricing: $20/hr and up